Sunset Point, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Sunset Point

A goal isn't finished without a Sunset point, and Mount Abu isn't an exemption. The extraordinary perspective on the rough Aravali ranges, sunkissed by the transmitting beams of the setting sun is the thing that attracts scores of voyagers to this beautiful area close to the well known Nakki Lake. The Sunset Point in Mount Abu is frequented naturally darlings who revel in the setting beams of the sun. This is an ideal outing spot as one can appreciate the enchantment of the hued sky as the sun sets, painted in shades of red and orange, as opposed to the rich greenery of the Aravali Ranges out of sight.

The atmosphere makes it great to appreciate the nightfall from Mount Abu Sunset Point in harmony with no of the weight and clamor of the city. Bailey's Walk adjacent offers horse rides, celebrated among visiting voyagers and children. Vacationers likewise like to turn out over here from the get-go so as to get an undisturbed and clear view. A few guests notwithstanding carry a cover alongside a couple munchies, making it the most beautiful outing setting in Mount Abu. A wide scope of marble statues, sandalwood icons and wooden toys can be purchased from the brief slows down set up here. The Sunset Point in Mount Abu is secured by railings and has staircases worked for the general population to sit and absorb the peacefulness.

Best Season: October - February