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Music & Dance

Dance and Music of Rajasthan are deeply ingrained in the life of Rajasthan. The rich cultural and the traditional life style reflect the Indian way of life mixed with the dance, music and different forms of arts and crafts.

Sand & Dunes

The sand dunes are the most spectacular features of the hot Indian arid zone. The sand dunes are of different shape, size and magnitude and their intensity of occurrence increases from east to west.

Rajasthani Culture

Rajasthani culture reflects the colorful history of the state. One can find the essence of the culture on its folk dances, traditional cuisines, peoples in Rajasthan and in their everyday life.

Rajasthani Costumes

Clothing of Rajasthan is really outstanding and lively, showing the spirit of the inhabitants, their religion and culture.


The most fabulous state in India not only offers breathtaking tourist attraction but is also famous for its shopping activities.

Rajasthani Cuisines

The cuisine that originated in Rajasthan and the surrounding region in India is known as the Rajasthani cuisine.

Road Distance

The state of Rajasthan has a well connected network of 1, 50,876 kms. of roadways that run through the length and breadth of Rajasthan.

Fairs & Festivals

The list of festivals of Rajasthan include both religious & cultural events. Both travelers & locals take part in these fairs and festivals in Rajasthan.

Rajasthani Art & Craft

Rajasthan is well known all over the world for its hand-printed textiles, furniture, leatherwork, jewellery, painting, pottery and metal craft.

Desert Safari

Rajasthan is a rich place of cultural as well as natural heritage. It is the place of some of the most famous National Parks and Sanctuaries situated in India.

Shopping in Rajasthan

Rajasthan the colourful and unique state of India is one of the fantastic destinations that attract tourists from all over the world.

Tourist Map

All Destinations in Rajasthan. Jaipur. Udaipur. Jaisalmer. Mount Abu. Bharatpur. Jodhpur. Alwar. Ranthambore.

When To Visit

Summers in Rajasthan last from April to June and are particularly harsh with temperatures rising up to 48°C during the day.

History of Rajasthan

The history of the Indian state of Rajasthan is about 5000 years old and can be classified into three parts owing to the different epochs- Ancient, Medieval and Modern.

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