Ivory Bangles

Ivory, the very word invokes pictures of white excellence, fragile carvings, antiquated exchange and conventions. Ivory has been prized since old occasions in for all intents and purposes each culture for its inherent worth and for the ancient rarities made from it. A portion of the world's most lovely ancient pieces have been made out of ivory and even today the material is in incredible interest. Ivory has been utilized for both assembling and workmanship since days of yore. As far as workmanship, ivory has been utilized to make figures, carvings, pictures of divine beings and goddesses, pipe stems, seals, weaponry, adornments and even piano keys. Prior to the appearance of plastic, ivory was the go-to material for some makers.

Ivory Bangles


What is ivory?

Sentiments change however one thing everybody concurs upon is that the tusks of elephants – both Indian and African – are certainly ivory. Some contend this is extremely the main ivory. Others call the tusks of walruses, hippos and narwhals ivory too. Ivory comprises of a tissue like bone called dentine. Since this material is the equivalent in all warm blooded animals, it is sheltered to state that ivory from sources other than elephants is still ivory.

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How Is It Made?

Ivory is a delicate substance however not as tractable as gold. This restricts its uses as far as adornments and it must be utilized for a couple of kinds of decorations. Since tusks are delicate, it very well may be and is shaved down to create the radiant ivory underneath the somewhat cloudy outside. When this is done, contingent on what thing of adornments is to be made, the tusks are managed in an unexpected way. To make pendants and pieces of jewelry, skilled workers shave the tusk and afterward cut it into thick rings that are then cut into the previously mentioned adornments. To make the customary bangles that Indian ladies require, the tusk is first separated into four sections. It is then additionally partitioned into parts of various measurements, contingent on the sort of bangle required. When the adornment is made, the plans are cut into it. The trimmings can even be shrouded in gold and silver or painted in various hues.

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The Cruelty of Ivory

Human avarice knows no limits. This has been valid all through the ages that ivory has been being used. It is theorized that the Greek and Roman interest for ivory was in charge of clearing out the North African and Syrian elephants. As of late, the interest for ivory in Japan – to make hanko or name seals – cut down the African elephant populace from 1.3 million to 600,000. This thus was in charge of more tightly laws with respect to the clearance of elephant ivory from the African landmass.

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Best Season: October - February
Popular Location: Ajmer, Jodhpur, Alwar