Mandawa fort (Jhunjhunu), Rajasthan

Mandawa is a town in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan in India. It is part of Shekhawati region. Mandawa is situated 190 km off Jaipurin the north. The town lies between latitude 28° 06’ in the north and longitude 75° 20’ in the east. Mandawa is known for its fort and havelis. The fort town of Mandawa is well connected with the other places in region through a good network of roads. The most popular fort of Mandawa is Mandawa Fort. It was founded in the 18th century. The arched gateway of the fort is adorned with paintings of Lord Krishna and his cows. The rooms are decorated with frescoes, mirror works, carving and paintings. Mandawa Fort has now been converted into a heritage hotel. Antiques and paintings are put in exhibition in the Darbar Hall.

The best time to visit Mandawa is the winter season; from October to March.

The beautiful wall paintings that decorate the havelis of Mandawa in Rajasthan, India, have seen the themes changing from time to time. In the earlier days, mythology dominated the themes of the frescoes, displaying local legends, animals, portraits, hunting and wrestling scenes, etc. 19th century saw the themes being changed to reflect the British (Raj) influence on the Indian culture. The traditional subjects were exchanged for cars, trains, balloons, telephones, gramophones, English men in hunting attires and portraits of the haveli owners immaculately dressed, etc.

Mandawa allures its visitors with its historical monuments and vibrant culture. Mandawa fort, an ancient structure, is a reason to visit Mandawa. Thakur Nawal Singh built it in 1755 and the fort stands out due to its ornate gateway, frescoes and painting. The arched gateway has images of Lord Krishna and his cows painted beautifully. Even the rooms are decorated with Lord Krishna’s paintings, mirror-work and engravings. The fort has turned into a heritage hotel now and is located in the middle Mandawa.

Culture Of Mandawa -While most religious festivals are celebrated with much enthusiasm, the two most popular festivals that really stand out in Mandawa are the Camel Festival and the Gangaur Festival. The Camel Festival, organised in January, begins with a parade of camels from the Junagadh Fort.


In Summer : March to June 17 °C - 40 °C

In Monsoon : July to September 27 °C - 36 °C

In Winters : October to February 21 °C - 27 °C


By Air : The nearest airport from Mandawa is Jaipur which is just 168 km away.

By Road :Nathdwara(shrinathji) is a nearest bus stand. There are no bus routes from other major cities to Kumbhalgarh.

By Rail :Jhunjhunu is one of the nearest railheads to Mandawa.