Churu fort (Agunaa Mohalla), Rajasthan

Churu is a city in the desert region of Rajasthan state of India. It is known as gateway to the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. It is the administrative headquarters of Churu District. It lies in the Thar Desert on the National Highway-65 connecting Pali to Ambala and is a junction station on the railway line to Bikaner. It is near the shifting sand dunes of the Thar Desert and has grand havelis with marvelous fresco paintings, namely Kanhaiya lal Bagla ki Haweli and Surana Haweli, with hundreds of small windows. It also has some fine Chhatris. Near the town is a religious seat of the Nath sect of Sadhus where there are life-size marble statued of their deities and a place for prayers. There stands a Dharam Stup, a symbol of religious equality. At the centre of the town is a fort built about 400 years ago.

Churu Fort – Katur efficient Singh in 1739 AD. It was built. Gopinath temple in the fort is installed. (Churu Fort) in this fortress war (invasion) when finished Barud enemies ammunition shells on silver were. Churu was built by the Jat Kaler Chuhru name. And they settled in the place where he is still known as Calera bass. Churu has some good memorial domes, mostly raised to rich merchants, north of the town. Historically the most significant is 'Aath Kambh Chhatri' (Eight Pillar Dome) west of the vegetable market. Built in 1776 on a Rajput's cremation site. Its base has been virtually buried by windblown sand. The interior is covered with murals, one detail depicting an early European mercenary on foot, bearing a musket. Further north are chhatris of the Mantri , Bagla and Lohia merchant families.


In Summer : March to June 17 °C - 41 °C

In Monsoon : July to September 27 °C - 37 °C

In Winters : October to February 20 °C - 28 °C


By Air : Jaipur International Airport (JAI) - 184 kms from Churu.

By Road : RSRTC and private buses frequently run to and from the Churu to nearby cities.

By Rail : Churu Junction is the central railway station connecting Churu and the rest of India by railways.