Monsoon Palace, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Monsoon Palace

Mansoon palace is situated on the top of the hills of aravali in udaipur, Rajasthan. I visited mansoon palace in 2014 with my friends during Rajasthan tour.
It was a beautiful palace on the hilltop of aravali hills. you can reached the mansoon palace through cab/taxi or own car, it was around 6 kilo meters from udaipur city. mansoon palace was built in two phase. First one in time of king sajjan singh and second in the time of maharaja fateh singh of mewar dynasty.
You can see the whole udaipur city. from the top of mansoon palace. It became haunting lodge of royal princes. Mansoon palace was built of beautiful white marbles . you must have to go to mansoon palace if you are going to udaipur.

Facts about the Monsoon Palace :
1.Maharana Sajjan Singh had planned a nine-storey complex to be designated as ‘astronomical centre’ and to monitor monsoon clouds but due to his untimely death the complex could not be completed and later his successor Maharana Fateh Singh completed it.He used to watch monsoon clouds from the palace and thus it is called ‘Monsoon Palace’.This palace was also used as the ‘hunting lodge’ for the royal family.

2.The ‘Builder’ of the palace Maharana Sajjan Singh was a visionary ruler, he undertook various developmental activities like enlarging infrastructures like roads, water supply, and other civil work.He also introduced civil administration and courts but unfortunately, his reign lasted for just 10 years (1874–1884).

3.The palace is under forest department.There is Sajjangarh wildlife sanctuary surrounding the palace, various wild animals found in the hill forest of the palace some of the animals are the pather, jackal, hyenas, neelgai, owl etc.There is a biological park developed for people and tourists to see the wild animals in their natural surroundings. The entrance to the biological park is at the base. The special attraction of the biological park is the ‘White Tiger’ which was brought from the Chennai.

4. Some Bollywood and Hollywood movies were shot at the palace, some of them are Octopussy, Cheetah Girl, dhamaal, and hum hai raahi pyar ke.In the James Bond movie Octopussy, the palace appears as the residence of the principal villain, an exiled Afghan prince named Kamal Khan(Louise Jourdan)

Best Season: October - February