Savitri Temple, Pushkar, Rajasthan

Savitri Temple

Savitri Temple is located on Ratnagiri hill and dedicated to wife of Brahma, Savitri. Tourist has to climb a long series of steps to reach on top which gives a panoramic view of the beautiful lake and the picturesque surrounding villages.

Savitri Temple History
Lord Brahma performed a holy ritual or Yagna on the banks of the first Pushkar Lake on full moon day of Kartik month. When Lord Brahma was set to start the Yagna, wife Goddess Savitri's presence was required. However she was late in arriving and as the auspicious moment was passing by Lord Brahma married a milkmaid girl brought by Lord Indra and commenced the ritual. She was purified by a cow and was named as Gayatri. Goddess Savitri arrived and was upset to find another woman in her position. In a fit of fury she cursed everyone present there along with her husband Brahma. Brahma was cursed to become aged and also not be worshipped by any married person, Lord Vishnu was cursed to suffer separations from his wife, Lord Shiva was cursed that he would reside in graveyard and Brahmins were cursed to become and remain poor. She later went in to the Ratnagiri hills to do penance and changed into a river. There is a small water stream beside the Savitri Devi temple on the Ratnagiri hills.

Best Season: October - February