City Palace, Kota, Rajasthan

City Palace

City Palace built by Jai Singh in the 1720s and having lost none of its original pomp and splendour. The royal family still occupies part of the palace, advancing in procession on formal occasions through the grand Tripolia Gate on its southern side. Less exalted visitors enter through a modest gate on the eastern side of the palace that leads into the first of the two main courtyards, centred on the elegant Mubarak Mahal.
Built as a reception hall in 1899, the building now holds the museum’s textile collection, housing some of the elaborately woven and brocaded fabrics that formerly graced the royal wardrobe. On the north side of the courtyard, the Armoury is probably the finest such collection in Rajasthan, a vast array of blood-curdling but often beautifully decorated weapons.

Once a visitor lands at Kota, one immediately heads to the biggest attraction here, the city palace. The current structure is the result of the constructions carried out by the rulers in different stages without any previous plan. Thus, one sees massive bastions and walls dotted with domes and elegantly carved balustrade where the Mogul decorative elements overlap the Rajput structures. See some beautiful and fresh colored crystals representing the celestial love of Lord Krishna with the gopis.
There is a great deal here in the way of frescoes and miniatures to please art lovers. After the blues and greens of Bundi it is cheering to return to the full palette of colours.
As for the museum you can also enjoy with seeing the howdah and palanquins and other royal memorabilia and particularly the collection of old photographs.

Best Season: October - February