Kaila Devi Temple, Karauli, Rajasthan

Kaila Devi Temple

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kaila. There are two statues below the gold umbrellas on the silver post in the Kaila Devi temple. In this one's left side is a little sloppy, it is only Kaila Maiya. On the right is the statue of the other god Chamunda Devi. Kaila Devi has eight sides. Here the songs of regional Languria are sung exclusively. In which through Languria, Kalagadevi has displayed his devotion.
It is believed that whatever kind of mercy is sought in the court of Mother, she definitely fulfills mother Kaila. When the blessings of the devotees are fulfilled then it reaches Kailadevi in ​​large numbers for their mothers, including their family, from which the Lakkhi Mel, which appears here, looks like a mini Aquarium. There are hundreds of thousands of Reverent in this fair.
Languria is said to be the exclusive devotee of Mother Kaila. Its temple sits right in front of the idol of the Mother. According to legends, this temple was built here in the dream of Bohra Bhagat himself. Reverent women bath in this Kalisil river and reach the temple with open hair and after seeing the mother Kalaadevi, there is the presence of virtue of Kanya Languria etc. by feeding her food.

History :
The famous Kaila Devi Mandir, which is known as the main Shaktipeeth of North India, is revered for devotees of Goddesses, those who come here find a unique comfort from the worldly part. This is the reason that the number of visitors of Kaila mama is increasing year after year. The Kaila Devi Temple is located in Kaila village, about 25 km from Karauli district of Rajasthan. Built in the foothills of Trikuta temple, this temple was built in 1600 AD by King Bhompal. Many stories related to this temple are popular here. It is believed that by putting Krishna and Krishna's father, Vasudev and Devaki in jail, Kansa wanted to kill the daughter of Yogamaya, she is sitting in this temple as Yogamaya Kaila Devi.
According to another belief, the area around Trikuta Mountains was surrounded by dense forests in ancient times. There was a monster named Narkasur in this area. Narkasur kept a lot of panic in the vicinity. The general public was unhappy with his atrocities. The troubled masses then worshiped Lord Durga and expressed their desire to protect them by proving them here. It is said that mother Kaila Devi, killed in the killing of Narakasur on this place, and to frighten her devotees for the misery of the common people. Since then, devotees are coming to worship him as the incarnation of Mother Durga. The temple of Kaila Devi is made of white marble and red stones, which is an unprecedented specimen of architecture.

Interesting Facts :-
⇒ In this temple of Swami Mata Kaila Devi, in Karauli, the dacoits come in changing the style of film style and worship Mother Kaila Devi. They demand money from the mother for the spiritual practice of their goal. Vennes come again after the fulfillment. By practicing the mother many hours, Vijay gives the morning and goes out.
⇒ According to one legend, after seeing a devotee of Mata Kaila Devi, she went out of the temple while speaking, that she will return soon and return. It is said that he has not come to date. It is believed that in her waiting Mother is still looking at the other side where she went So the idol of Mother Kaila Devi faces the face.

Best Season: October - February