Prithvi Vilas Palace, Jhalawar, Rajasthan

Prithvi Vilas Palace

Prithvi Vilas Palace, a 130 years old property. It is a beautiful building constructed in 1912 AD. Now it is a private domicile of ex-ruler’s family. Prithvi Vilas Palace is a homestay rather than a hotel.The rooms are annexed and in the main palace. The maharaja himself meets the guests when he is in the city.

The best part of the Palace are the grounds around lush green grounds. Prithvi Vilas palace has a rare compilation of wildlife. The palace has an amazing view. Prithvi Vilas palace has an extraordinary architecture and interior. The Prithvi Vilas palace has a three sided well-designed doorways. These three entrances state that monogram showing humbleness and politeness the house of prosperity. Prithvi Vilas palace is situated in the center of Jhalawar.This is a traditional hotel and the palace is full of antique stuff. The furniture in the rooms is also antique. The food is freshly prepared as the wishes of the guests. This is an extremely good place to relax and unwind. There is also a swimming pool in the campus.

Best Season: October - February