Nathmal ki Haveli, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Nathmal ki Haveli

Nathmal-ki Haveli in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is said to be 500 years old. This 19th-century haveli was built by two architect brothers, who designed their sections independently but with remarkable harmony. It has a beautifully carved exterior, while the interior is decorated with miniature paintings. Two yellow sandstone elephant figures guard the entrance to the haveli. There is no entry fee, but the family living here sells paintings and knick-knacks to tourists.
It is believed that the two architects of the 'Haveli' named Lulu and Hathi were two brothers who were responsible for constructing this magnificent Indian palace. There exists a popular legend associated to the creation of this famous haveli. Nathmal Ki Haveli in Jaisalmer is a Popular landmark of this place.
The extraordinary exteriors dripping with carvings and the virtuoso work of the Haveli (similar on either side but not identical) with two elephants made of limestone guarding the entrance is the sight that every visitor is privileged to see.
As the name suggests, the architecture and carvings that adorn the fort of Jaisalmer are mostly built out of yellow sandstone. Thus when the sun rays fall on these structures, they radiate like gold. Apart from the extraordinary paintings using 1.5kg of gold leaf and carvings on walls, this confluence of the Islamic and Rajput style of architecture has an exciting story. It is said that the two architects, Hathi and Lulu started building two different facets of the building. Since there were no instruments those days to keep track of the continuity, the building came up in an irregular shape. Surprisingly, the paintings on the interior are depictions of modern amenities like cars and fans which the two architects had painted from the descriptions given to them by people who have seen it despite having never seen it themselves in real life. Interesting? Well, see it for yourself.

Best Season: October - February