Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Keoladeo National Park

This site was declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 since it was the wintering ground for a critically endangered species of Siberian Crane, at the time of inception.

Originally, this region was the hunting grounds for the Maharajas of Bharatpur back in the 1850s. It is said that the British Viceroy Lord Linlithgow killed thousands of ducks and other waterfowls, along with his hunting party in just a day! All the hunting activities were stopped only after 1982 in the park and in 1985, it was declared as a world heritage site.

The Keoladeo National Park, formerly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, in Rajasthan is one of the most successful refuge for many birds. Sanctuary with thousands of rare and highly endangered birds, such as the Siberian Crane wintering annually. Over 230 species of birds have made the National Park their home. Beautiful nature and beautiful people.

The main attractions of the Keoladeo National Park for the tourists are some of the amazing migratory birds which come across some parts of Siberia and Central Asia to spend some of the most amazing winters in Bharatpur. Some of the migratory birds visiting the Keoladeo National Park include several species of Cranes, Pelicans, Hawks, Shanks, Geese, Ducks, Warblers, Eagles, Stints, Buntings, Wagtails, Flycatchers, Pipits, and Larks.
There are over 380 varieties of migratory birds including the Demoiselle and the Siberian Cranes. The Keoladeo National park is an amazing place to spot some of the most beautiful animals such as the Golden Jackal, Striped Hyena, Jungle Cat, Sambar, Nilgai, Blackbuck, Fishing Cat and Wild Boar.

Best Season: October - February