Nasiyan (Red) Temple, Rajasthan

About Nasiyan (Red) Temple

This Jain temple is dedicated to Lord Adinath who was the first Jain 'Tirthankara'.The temple is a two-storied structure and is divided into two parts.One part of the temple is the worship area comprising the idol of Lord Adinath, while the other forms a museum and includes a hall.

A double storied structure, its first floor houses an amazing sculpture of the Universe, which depicts the gold plate facsimiles of each Jain temples of India. The interior of the temple is decorated with valuable stones, gold plates, and silver. It is quite sure that this temple with its imposing style would enthrall the devotee and the picnicker alike.

In the city of Ajmer, slight impact of Jainism even during the Mughal rule was seen and the high walls that surround the complex of the Jain Temples were built by keeping the style of designing a fort in mind.

This stunning historical center portrays the five phases (Panch Kalyanak) in the life of Lord Adinath, in the stature of statues. With the measurements of 40 x 80 feet, the corridor is enhanced with Belgium stain glass, mineral shading artistic creations and stain glasswork.

Best Season: October - February