Art Gallery ,Mandawa, Rajasthan

Art Gallery

It's anything but a particular area however the whole city can be called as one outside craftsmanship display. Mandawa in the antiquated days turned into a well known stoppage for dealers traverse through the silk course.
As some of them settled down in the area, they built for themselves and their families, gigantic manors (Havelis). These havelis were not just colossal and planned perfectly, they likewise enhanced fresco and were embellished with delightful artistic creations. With the happening to Britishers, as this city was involved by them, it saw the method for contemporary workmanship which was pretty much like the conventional Indian fine art, after some time, the world saw the amalgamation of two artistic expressions and Mandawa for its castles, structures, engineering and frescoes started to be prominently referenced as the Open Air Art Gallery.

Best Season: October - February