Chambal Gardens, Kota, Rajasthan

Chambal Gardens

Located on the banks of beautiful Chambal River, Chambal Gardens is a major picnic spot in Kota, Rajasthan. Tourists can enjoy peace and refreshment here at the lap of nature with exquisite greenery all around. Chambal Gardens is situated just about 2 km from Kota Fort. There is a wonderful pond in the middle of the garden, which is home to a lot of crocodiles. A suspension bridge is there across the pond, and the visitors can avail the boating facility too. There is a special variety of crocodiles (thin with narrow-snout, called Gharials) in the murky pond that attracts thousands of adventure tourists to the park. Nature lovers can also explore thousands of different varieties of plants inside the garden, and Chambal Park is a favorite study tour destination for students. Peace lovers can enjoy the serenity and calmness and spend long hours. The beauty of the garden and surroundings can be enjoyed at best during the winter months.
The center of attraction of the trip to Chambal Gardens Kota is the small pond which is located in the garden and which houses crocodiles. If you wish you can also cross the bridge as there is a suspended bridge over the pond. There were different varieties of crocodiles previously but now most of crocodiles are extinct due to hunting and now you can have a look at the Gharials, which is a rare type of crocodile, which eats fish.
Tours to Chambal Gardens is also preferred by all those who loves adventure and wishes to spend their trip away from the city crowd. You can have a walk in the garden casually and enjoy the natural beauty, without taking part in boating or any such activities. This place is also preferred by all those who wish to know about the past of the place and also of Chambal Gardens.

Best Season: October - February