Govt. Archaeological Museum, Dungarpur, Rajasthan

Govt. Archaeological Museum

Operational since 1959, Government Archaeological Museum of Dungarpur exhibits a collection of commodities excavated from Vagad region. Member of Dungarpur royal family, Maharawal Lakshman Singh and Dr. Nagendra Singh, gave their personal collection of charming sculptures, inscriptions, metal images and paintings to add to museum's collection. Later, the royal family of Dungarpur gifted their land to form the museum, which was properly constructed in 1989. Bifurcated in three galleries, the collection in the museum includes metal images; 197 sculptures of god and goddesses; coins; inscription and objects related to the tribal culture of the region that dates back to 6th century.

This museum was established with the objective of displaying sculptures collected by the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Rajasthan, mainly from the Vagad region. The Dungarpur Royal family helped set up the museum by gifting land and its own personal collection of charming sculptures and historically important inscriptions.

Best Season: October - February