Banke Bihari Temple, Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Banke Bihari Temple

Built in the Brij architectural style, this temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Marvel at the idols of Lord Radha and Lord Krishna situated in the main hall of the temple. As you take a stroll around the temple, you can admire the rear paintings depicting the childhood of Lord Krishna, as well as old rituals practiced in the ancient time.

Enjoy a visit to one of Rajasthan’s most beautiful Banke Bihari temple. Situated in the heart of Bharatpur, this temple is worth admiring. As you enter the main hall of the temple you will see the lovely idol of Lord Krishna accompanied by Radha. On the walls, outside the main hall you can see some amazing pictures depicting the childhood of Lord Krishna. Admire the various images of other deities engraved on the wall and ceilings of the temple. Mornings and evenings are the best time to visit the temple when the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha are dressed up beautifully for the “aarti”.


- 2 - hour guided tour of Bake bihari temple
- Experience the morning aarti of the temple
- Explore the beautifully dressed up idols of lord Krishna and Radha in the main hall of temple
- Have a chance to fill your souls with a lot of positive energy
- Plenty of photo opportunities! Click amazing pictures to cherish a memory of a lifetime

Best Season: October - February